Today’s Everyday Empowerment goes to 14 year-old Ahmed for building a clock. What’s that you heard? A kid built a clock and it’s making national news? Don’t kids have to make volcanoes every year, and that hardly makes local news. What separates Ahmed from all the other super fantastic science kids out there, is that he wanted to show his teacher his invention. It’s crazy to think in the year 2015 a teenager would be proud of their work and then would proceed to bring it to school to show their teacher. And then another teacher without the specialty in engineering would mistake it for something besides a really cool science project.

At the present date, haven’t we all moved past the need for approval and are okay with moving along in our own mediocrity? Apparently not. Which is why I am not invited to hang out with Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook HQ, and Ahmed Mohamed is.

Okay, my sarcasm has reached an all time high. (It’s my defense mechanism for when I get amped.) This brilliant kid built a clock, when most of his classmates have a hard time getting to school on time. And was later arrested for being a better inventor than his English teacher. The all clear has been sounded though, because he is officially invited to the White House. When you’ve been given the all clear by the President of the United States, I think the arrest might be expunged from your record. Props to you, Ahmed, for keeping it cool and building faster and better than imaginable. Keep going. And I wear my Mockingjay clock today, because we nerds have to stick together.



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