Checked Out

I’ve been understandably checked out of my wordpress blog for the past few months. To say this semester has been busy would be a very funny joke. I mean, I almost didn’t recognize the updated WordPress formatting. Even worse is that I think of things daily, even hourly, that I want to talk about on here.

Alas, I don’t have the same free time I once did. Though I think I’ve dedicated myself to the world in other ways. In making myself a tumblr, I’ve been more involved with discussion of gender, ethnicity, oppression, appropriation, language, ideology, in a way that steps beyond the academia. In a place full of free expression, people are closer to openly discussing societal constructs and social problems in the way I do at Gallatin. As horrible as pockets of the Internet can be, other little worlds of people in special places of this medium are expanding their mindsets and changing the world.

There’s something magical about witnessing change.

And so, I will be back this weekend, maybe even Friday, to set up a series of articles that I’ve been glad to read and even happier to know I can share them with other people.


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