Put Your Hands Together

For Cameron Esposito, and her brand new album of comedy named Same Sex Symbol. Every week, I binge on the podcasts of Put Your Hands Together, a comedy show on Tuesday nights at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. And the one and only Cameron Esposito hosts that show, with all of her stunning denim on denim outfits that I can only hear about and never see, because podcasts.

I am so excited for Holiday Break this year–I know it’s barely October and therefore this event is a long ways away–because I plan to spend every Tuesday night possible at the UCB theater listening to the entertaining musings of Cameron Esposito. She’s brilliant in talking about real problems while using humor to really draw even more attention to the systematic problems of society. She’s nothing short of a genius. And empowers me on the daily to laugh at how ridiculous life can be, but also change it while I laugh.


And I am pissed. Because like an idiot I waited to order her album rather than preordering it or just getting it off of iTunes. I ordered it as a packaged deal, so I get stickers and buttons and a t-shirt and the CD. I am so pissed because I have to wait for the album to be delivered to me, but it will be well worth the wait to be able to wear an authentic Cameron Esposito approved t-shirt and listen to her stand up comedy all at the same time. I can have my cake and eat it too, but I have to wait a week.

So don’t be an idiot like me and go download the album now, from iTunes. Now. Go. Why are you waiting? I’m not going to say anything else that’s important. Just go buy it. Now. Let’s get her to number 1 on the charts. Now. I’ll stop being demanding if you just go do it. Please. And while you’re on iTunes, go subscribe to the podcast she hosts Put Your Hands Together. Do it. Just do it.


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