{my lingerie play} and my involvement

This perspective altering art installation started by Diana Oh is called {my lingerie play}. She’s finished seven of ten installations of this collective art piece to make this world a saner, safer, and more respectful place for women. You can read more about her individual installations and wider project on her website and Facebook.

diana oh

But I’m here to talk about her eighth installation. A challenge to post a photo or video of yourself wearing your favorite lingerie (or clothing of your choice, because this is all about your choice being the most important) 72 hours after being nominated stating the reason why you’re choosing to participate in the {my lingerie play}. If you take the photo of yourself, you get to nominate people to participate in the challenge as well. If you don’t want to take on the challenge, please donate to her through her website, because she’s going to take her installation on tour and we all want to support her in this endeavor, because changing the idea of how we treat women in this world is important.

my lingerie play 3

So here is my challenge. I am choosing to participate in {my lingerie play} because no one should be thought of as a second class citizen, because consent should be the first word uttered in sex education, because a world with instant objectification is not a world in which anyone should have to live, because the way we confine people to labels and boxes not of their choosing is detrimental to how we live, because no one should live a limited life because of their identity. I nominate my friends, Elizabeth Lee, Missy Jamieson, Ysabel Jasa, Violet Sarosi, Alexa Johnson and all of the readers of this entry, to post a video or photo of themselves proclaiming why you are choosing to participate in the #mylingerieplaychallenge.

me challenge

As a participant in installation 5/10 in Union Square, I have never seen such change happen in action. People would walk up, not ready to take seriously the thoughts of people wearing their underpants. They would stick around for fifteen minutes or much longer, reading our messages for why we were individually participating in the {my lingerie play}.

my lingerie play 2

People’s heads started functioning at high speed and I could see them begin to value us and themselves with worth, recognizing that people deserve to be treated decently regardless of what they wear or what they are doing or what their gender is or how they identify.

my lingerie play 1

The bags read:
I’m choosing to be a part of {my lingerie play} because: _____________________
1) expressing my sexuality should not take away my right to consent. (LISA)
2) I am not a “piece of that” that you “need to get”. (KARA/CHRISTINA)
3) our children need to know that consent is a thing (JESSE)
4) what I’m wearing doesn’t dictate consent. I do. (SAMANTHA)
5) I should be free to be me. No matter my Jeans. Or my Genes. (ELIZABETH)
6) The worst thing about patriarchal oppression is that it is ACCEPTED, SUBVERSIVE, and IGNORED. (CHRIS)
7) I celebrate my femininity with sexy things… and why not share that with others? (STEPHANIE)
8) I’m sick of being treated and made to feel like a second-class citizen. (KANA)
9) I’m not good OR bad.
I’m not smart OR sexy.
I’m not strong OR weak.
I’m not loud OR soft.
I’m not beautiful OR ugly.
10) Rotherham’s response to 15 years of systematic sexual abuse was dismissing the girls as “tarts.” (KRISTEN)
11) I believe that women are equal citizens (LETA)
12) my body is not here for your projection. (ANNA)
13) the human body is a work of art (SY)
14) I want to recover the parts of my mind, my words, my emotions, my spirit, and my body that I have hidden in hopes of being more acceptable. (JENNY)
15) I’m choosing to create my lingerie play because people are threatened by the word “lingerie” in a way that they aren’t by the word “underwear.” We must drop the slut shaming and dehumanizing, it feeds into unacceptable violence against women all over the world. We’ve been taught that women attract
violence/attention/catcalling/violation and are asking for it. And this needs to STOP. IMMEDIATELY. We’ve been taught to take it. We’ve been taught to be small. We’ve been taught to change. We’ve been taught to be thin. We’ve been taught to be quiet. We’ve been taught to be sex objects. Now, it’s time for us to do the teaching. (DIANA)
16) I am a feminist, fighting for gender equality. (NATASHA)
17) No woman should have to second-guess what she wears, where she walks, or what she says. (NATALIE)
18) It’s not a compliment. She’s just going about her day like everyone else. Please respect that and leave her alone. Thank you. (KEN)
19) I want to dissolve hatred and inspire courage. (MELISSA)
20) I’m proud of my body and I’m proud of my heart. (CLAIRE)
21) every time I’m harassed on the street, I feel guilty because my girlfriends used to tell me that my breasts and the attention they received made me a bad person. (GWEN)
22) I’m tired of being propositioned, cat-called, told to smile or called a DYKE when all I want is to walk down the street like a normal human. (LIZ E)
23) it’s empowering to confront my aggressors (DAWN)
24) I am a survivor of an abusive relationship and various other sexual assaults (CARRIE A)
25) I deserve to be taken seriously, no matter what I’m wearing. (LIZ R)
26) I am tired. I am tired of taking cabs instead of subways for my safety. I am tired of being harrased at all hours of the day and night. No matter what I’m wearing. No matter if I smile or I don’t. No matter where I am or what I’m doing. I’m just tired of it all. (MICHELLE)
27) I’m tired of thinking that wanting great sex is not something a woman should want. (CLAIRE)
28) Emma Sulkowicz, Ray Rice, and Elliot Rodger are all related. These things do not happen in a vacuum. (JES)
29) I’ve had enough, and I want some answers (JULIE)
30) I have been catcalled, followed, molested, flashed, threatened with violence, physically assaulted and even abducted. All in public spaces where I was specifically targeted for being female. I want to reclaim public space for all women. (STORM)

my lingerie play 4


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