And the Award goes to…

Shonda Rhimes, for being nothing short of phenomenal in creating shows I don’t feel the need to criticize as the activist in the room. Let’s be clear that she’s helping to craft a world that resembles the real one.

“I don’t understand why people don’t understand that the world of TV should look like the world outside of TV.”

A world where the female characters are dynamic and powerful–Olivia Pope, Mellie Grant, Annalise Keating, Dr. Meredith Grey, Dr. Cristina Yang, and the list goes on–but the best part is not that they’re not the only people in the room with determination. On How to Get Away With Murder, every single student on the first day of class is driven and going to fight for their position in the classroom, and even better is that they are different people. Go back and pay attention to how many people in the audience are ethnically ambiguous or even just the fact that an audience for once in television reflects how a college classroom should look. (Mind you, this isn’t always the reality as universities try and admit a diverse class but have trouble doing so.) And let’s not forget all of the LGBTQ characters, because that’s right people, they exist and Rhimes actually makes sure they are respresented (well) on television. Rhimes has done the incredible in writing and producing shows that are reflective of this world.

Though in the year 2014, she shouldn’t be the only writer/producer doing this, creating dynamic foregrounds and backgrounds (but I would also like to credit Orange is the New Black for diversity as well). So she’s today’s source of Everyday Empowerment, and will be every Thursday when I sit down with popcorn, a glass of wine, and ABC to watch the most realistic shows on television. Thank you Shonda Rhimes, for making TV watching enjoyable and honest.



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