It’s 1976 Down There

I would like the time to say the next five or so posts will be all associated with Scandal/How to Get Away with Murder. Here we go.

Last night, the season 4 premiere of Scandal aired on ABC, and though it surpassed expectations in plot, the agenda was clear: women’s rights are not up for discussion. Though Scandal does begin a dialogue, it’s certain what the verdict is on all fronts, people in the possession of a vagina are in fact people.

The entire episode pulls out commentary left and right as if during the break between seasons the show was building up all of its commentary waiting to explode.

Olivia disrupts Jake trying to get his groove on by talking about how shitty it is that a woman’s words become less credible when she speaks out on being sexually assaulted.

I’m hoping the season continues with Olivia Pope & Associates handling D.C.’s scandals, and Scandal handling society’s current cultural scandals. See you next Thursday, D.C.’s finest first lady and fixer. We missed you Mellie and Olivia.


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