Can You Hear That Storm Coming Your Way, NFL?

Hannah Storm spoke on the subject of the Ray Rice case a few days ago, as a Sports Commentator, a person, a mother of three, and a long time fan of the sport. I recommend her video and applaud her willingness to speak on the subject and to call out the NFL on their actions. She’s today’s source of Everyday Empowerment, as a female commentator in a field largely dominated by men. I claim none of the brilliance in this video, but completely agree with her along the way. I will be posting other videos, photos, and commentary from myself and others here in what could be considered excess over the next few weeks, but will continue to do so for as long as I am a user of any social media. So thank you Hannah Storm for speaking out and doing so to the extent that I feel I can speak out all over my social media and in everyday life. So I ask, as you should, What Does the NFL Stand for?


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