Everyday Empowerment from Meghan Tonjes

Musician and YouTube personality Meghan Tonjes is today’s empowering person, not just for her phenomenal music, but for being the confident role model some of us need in this era where butt selfies are banned from Instagram just because of their size, and not because it violates mature content. That’s what happened to Meghan. She confidently took a butt selfie, and then Instagram took it down, saying it was mature content. And yet, it’s perfectly acceptable for people of “standard” sizes to post butt photos that aren’t supposedly claimed to contain “mature content.”

Like Meghan, I don’t take issue with the many people of more standard beauty sizes taking butt selfies; in fact, I applaud any expression of self-worth. But I appreciate Meghan starting the discussion of acknowledging all body types as beautiful, for calling out social media sites on limiting people based on their biological factors. I cheer on Meghan for continuing to post #bootyrevolution photos.

Moreover, I want to thank Meghan for helping me feel confident about the booty that still makes me feel awkward every time I walk into a store to find a pair of pants, that could never fit my particular hips, butt, and thighs. Every time Meghan posts a booty photo, I feel encouraged to do the same. And I’ll be posting my first one today, though it’s not as brave as Meghan’s, someday soon, they will be.


Meghan’s shared confidence helps lend us all some flawless-ness to burst out of bed in the morning. Regardless of your body size, we all deserve to feel amazing, especially about a body part that isn’t leaving us anytime soon. Cheers to the rear-ends of the world. And remember, we all have fat hearts.



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