Untamed Laughter

I didn’t want to post this, because I couldn’t find the words. At first I had a string of expletives. And then nothing. Now, I have at least a coherent thank you.

One of the funniest people alive gave me strength in ways most people don’t realize is important. Finding light and laughter is hard enough in life, but then to not be ashamed of that laughter is even harder.

My laugh is not quiet, but more of a cackle burst of laughter that starts and can’t stop when it’s really true. But I was easily ashamed by the volume of my laughter and thought it really should be dainty or smooth or… pretty.

But then, someone says something so funny that you can’t stop that pure laughter from coming forward. Robin Williams brought forward that untamed, embarrassing laughter, and did so often enough I couldn’t find time to be ashamed because I was too busy laughing.

There are some stars
you wish would
stay stars and never
have to be legends,
but would
instead shine in the sky
for all of eternity.

He deserved eternity.

At least the laughter
he gave us
can echo through the galaxy
for that eternity
he should have had.

Thank you for the laughter and the love, Robin Williams.


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