Everyday Empowerment from Writer Laini Taylor

All people are book people, the ones who claim not to like books just haven’t found the right one. I’ve found one of those books that will make you a reader if you aren’t one already. Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy is nothing short of phenomenal.


A friend–who has recommended only the best of books before–told me to read this, and I put it on the shelf for two months before I had a spare minute, and then I devoured the book. And continued to read the second one during my finals, staying up finishing Days of Blood and Starlight and then turned to finish my final essay for class at three in the morning. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep that week and made myself seriously ill just because I need to finish reading this book. Not that I condone this behavior, rather mention it as a testament to the unwavering power of these books, and more importantly, the talent of Laini Taylor.


Anyone who can rock bright pink hair earns my immediate respect. However, Taylor crafts a stunning series with an honestly worthy protagonist, a girl with blue hair and monsters for family. The plot quickly unravels to reveal so much more than just our captivating protagonist Karou living in Prague, and Taylor takes us into worlds far beyond our own, as cheesy as that sounds.

For being much more than an original storyteller and authentic human being, Taylor empowers and stuns us with her craft. Now I have to get back to reading the third and last in the trilogy, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, which has exceeded all my expectations and then some.



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