Everyday Empowerment from Sexpert Laci Green

Sexpert Laci Green–and yes, I just used the word sexpert, an expert of sex–and provider of phenomenal commentary on today’s societal problems is today’s source of empowerment. Her insight cuts all of the birds and bees and sticks to the necessary information. Let’s be honest, when it comes to the physical interaction between humans that can possibly make babies and/or spread STIs, the more information for all involved parties, the better.

laci green

Sex+ Hosted by Laci Green

And she’s not just a source of information on sex! (Yeah, talk about awesome that you get information on more than just sex, it’s like getting a toy with your meal.) Laci talks about feminism, objectification, slut-shaming, fat-shaming, and all sorts of other goodies, by explaining the basics and then the ramifications. Laci Green advocates for discussion and knowledge when it comes to sex; and frankly, when sex and gender/sexuality differences remain such a taboo, and even worse a barrier for healthy interaction between human beings, it’s wonderful to see someone so open to discussion.

Claps for Laci Green, and thanks to her for being a source of Everyday Empowerment.

Check out her videos and links to all of her social media bellow.

Laci Green Youtube
Laci Green Twitter
Laci Green Facebook
Laci Green Tumblr


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