Everday Empowerment Begins With Me

Well, it begins with you. It begins with all of us on an individual basis. The feeling of empowerment, the feeling that gives us power and authority to operate in life, is something we need a little more of in this world, where small little jabs and nuances of this world take away our power. The jabs like that magazine telling you 113 ways to look better, assuming we don’t look good enough and flaunting unrealistic beauty standards for pages on end. Or the many senators and congressmen saying women don’t know enough about their own bodies to make decisions about their own healthcare. Or even the real life person sitting next to us who might even be family or a friend who says something they don’t even realize is insulting, but it is and even if we don’t acknowledge that insult consciously, we feel marginally less equipped to stand up for our opinions.

As a way to revert all of the negative downpour we feel everyday, I’m starting this section of MeFYC as a way to share all of the things that make me feel empowered, whether it’s speeches, photos, people, moments, poems, stories, or actions, I’m going to place here one empowering post everyday, to help us all feel warranted in standing up for our thoughts and feelings. From these posts I hope we can all borrow a little strength and fearlessness from each other, and remember to pay it forward.

But it begins with us, you and me on an individual basis like I said in the beginning. And what I mean by that is this: no one can tell you to feel empowered or command that you be strong or brave, that gusto must begin internally and must alway progress internally. Essentially, the key to feeling confident is that you have to be the one to initiate it. At least, this has been the key for me. Seeing people be courageous in real life only reminds me of the courage I know I possess, I just need the reminder to garner that courage. My words of wisdom: allow yourself to be courageous.

The first everyday empowerment: yourself.

And if you have something that makes you feel empowered, tweet, tumble, comment, or email it my way.


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