Resolution 4: Be Happy

I am trying it. The challenge to be Happy, with a capital H. Granted, I haven’t had problems with this historically, so let me explain the challenge first, and then why I wanted to try it. I also must add this caveat early on: my normal resolutions are weekly ones, but this one is special, in and of itself, so we’ll try to make an exception.

Tea Mountain

My Tea Mountain. Day 2.

Now, some crazy fun people, (I am making this assumption that they’re crazy fun, and I could be totally wrong, having never met them before, but to start a project like this is just…. so let’s assume that makes them crazy fun people) they started this challenge for people to have 100 Happy Days. In a row. Sounds ludicrous, but here’s how it works. You, or me, or anyone, takes a picture of something that makes them happy, on that particular day. It can be simple things like a dandelion or snowflake, or larger extravaganzas like vacation. Now, you have to record one happy item, let’s call it, each day for 100 days. Posting to social media is an easy way to do it, or you can send your photos to them if you want to keep it all to yourself. Fun, right? Interesting at least? Think about this challenge for a minute. Just by having to set up this record, you would need to start thinking of what makes you happy. Doing that on a daily basis would surely make life seem a little… sunnier? It’s dark and freezing outside so that’s the best happier description I could come up with at the moment.

However, I said that I don’t really have a problem noticing these things from the get-go. When someone says, “Crazy rain, huh?” all negative and mad because they stepped in a puddle and now their feet are wet, I understand. But I usually reply, “Actually, I love the rain.” But that’s because I’ll also be wearing my ostentatious, outrageous leopard-print rain boots. (They’re as fun as they sound.) My reply usually holds true for lots of weather. Granted, I bitch-and-moan too. Who doesn’t? I even think it’s healthy. But so is noticing all of the things that make you happy. For me, this challenge is an open acknowledgement of my happiness. I would even say that this challenge is like a thank-you card. I have the wonderful opportunity to pay homage to all of the things that make me happy for making me happy.

However, this is something I have to remember to do for 100 days, so let’s hope my fleeting mind can pay attention for this stint. But I think I can do it. Now, if you want to follow my progress, you can look up the hashtag #thedraperperspective on instagram. Or click on this link to my account to find Me on Instagram. I highly recommend trying this challenge for yourself, in any form. Here’s the link if you want to do it through them: 100 Happy Days. Now, taking pictures isn’t everyone’s cup-of-coffee. If you just want to make a list, but only add one thing a day, that’s fine. But try it, and see if you can be happy for 100 days.

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee. Day 1.


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