Culinary Adventure 4: Whitman’s

As a lover of poetry, I was fascinated with the idea of a burger joint named after Walt Whitman, the combination of my two favorites. Literature and Burgers. Naturally, the ambiance is heavily patriotic. Granted, it’s there, but feels more like a museum, that you’re being transported back a few decades, rather than being throw into a perpetual forth of July. I find the decor incredibly charming, and really just perfectly Whitman.

The burgers are of the highest quality. The ingredients all taste fresh, which is immensely satisfying after you’ve been fed frozen patties and fries for too long. The simplicity of Whitman’s makes you grateful for the attention to real ingredients.

I have personally tried both the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Burger and the Bluicy. The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Burger is self explanatory, based on the title. It’s breakfast and a burger, between a pair of buns. The Bluicy isn’t so clear, and it’s not on the menu online. Blue cheese in the burger, tomato, red onion, lettuce, and some type of aioli sauce, if I remember correctly. Don’t quote me on that. I was too immersed in the sublimity to pay attention. The fact that I even snapped a picture before devouring the burger is a testament to my will power. The Bluicy is my favorite, but I would order any of the other menu items in a heartbeat.


If you’re a fan of blue cheese, then I also insist that you order the Blue Cheese Fries. It’s not just the crumble: they turned the cheese into a sauce of sorts. I have no idea what’s in it, but it’s crack, as if cheese weren’t already incredibly addictive. And fries? Just slay me now. These insane cooking chemists combined two irresistible products, and created mmmmmmm. Yes, it’s an adjective.

For the chicken-eaters and veggies out there, know that Whitman’s has other items on the menu. The salads are just as pure as their burgers. The chicken and kale tastes like any health fanatic’s dream.

Feeling like a burger joint in the East Village, try Whitman’s at 406 E. 9th St, NY, NY 10003. And if you really want some reassurance, here’s their website:


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