Something Small

“All the iron in your blood that stops you from being anemic was made in a star.” -Christopher from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

20140203-160210.jpg starry night

Can I come from a star?
Instead of from some being,
some entity that either
doesn’t care
or refuses to hold compassion.

But a star:
So bright and beautiful
my eyes could never handle
the pure radiance
of that cosmic bliss.

To come out of a star
something so poetic
only Virgil could imagine
how we infinitesimal
stumbling beings
emerged from the
grace and grandeur
of a piece of space so striking
we all happily burn
in its intensity.

Stars don’t simply float in some
incomprehensible abyss.
They command their universe
defining it,
defying it,
lighting it.
One star lives
through more organisms
than could ever contain
enough vivacity
to pay it back.

My blood
my iron
stands for me
as proof enough
that I
come from a star.


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