Chicken, Classes, and Coffee

I am hardly able to write this. In fact, I am questioning why I am writing at all, when I would very much rather just fall in bed. We’ve all had that level of exhaustion where we don’t question our bodies’ ability to fall asleep immediately, if we were able. This does not include falling asleep in a meeting or lecture due to boredom; rather, the type of falling asleep where you wouldn’t even remember how you were able to get beneath the sheets, let alone change out of clothes into pajamas, or lack thereof (whatever type of sleepwear floats your boat is fine with me).

Next semester when I am registering for classes, and I think it would be brilliant to be in class from two in the afternoon until nine at night, stop me. Granted, these classes are so enjoyable, it will be well worth it, but I am not sure I will be able to function tomorrow with anything less than nine hours of sleep. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

20140129-223942.jpgTea not coffee. I wish.

Why anyone in their sane mind thinks it’s at all a good idea to schedule a class from six to nine at night is beyond my comprehension. That’s not entirely true. Perhaps the idea was that people could take this class and have an internship during the day, or something. But I am going to have to start drinking coffee a six at night in order to still have my faculties at nine, after already being in class since two.

Don’t let me do this again. Even my writing is sounding bonkers.

What you can let me do again is cook potatoes and chicken in balsamic vinegar, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, basil and garlic. This concoction is so heavenly, I keep trying to eat more, even though I am clearly full. On the other-hand, at least I will have leftovers. The simplicity of chicken and potatoes, with the kick-in-the-butt of balsamic and allure of garlic, has tempted me into taking another bite, even as I write this.

In my post-class, exhausted, state of delirium I really wanted a meal, a real meal, not something out of a box that any college student could make in five minutes with a microwave. So I did it. I made myself a delicious meal, more or less with no guidance. I give myself some lee-way there because I do know how to follow a recipe and I know how to not burn food. However, on-the-fly-type of cooking rarely turns out so well for me. It might be decent, but not this mouth watering. Perhaps the excess of classes will lead me to make more spontaneous meals. I am not sure how that correlation occurred. And yet, if it happens again, I’ll be sure to tell you of the phenomenal meal I am currently eating.

Goodnight for now, and may you sleep as well as I am about to sleep.

Exhausted and Full


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