I have become preoccupied
With words
With poems
Using them as a means
Of expressing myself
Not that it’s good
Or bad
It’s just a thing
I have started doing
Thinking in feet
Instead of complete phrases
Thinking in fractions
Helps me
Which isn’t bad
Or good
It’s just a thing
But it helps to put it down
Because then that line
That couplet
I thought of
In those moments before sleep
Where the world is
And calm
But fits nicely
In your head
Those moments are filled
With the brilliance of complete
That you think you’ll remember
Because who couldn’t remember
Something so completely encompassing
But come morning
You don’t
So many dreams have taken over your mind
That you no longer
Those wholistic words
That materialized
Just before sleeping
So you write them down instead
They sound as brilliant
In the daylight



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