This Year and The Next

To say 2013 was anything short of hectic would be lying. I have discovered wonderful friends that–in my world–did not exist a year ago. They were people on the edges, on the periphery of my eyesight, and now, there is no possible way they could leave my life. The people I have found in the last year, the ones I have come to call my best friends, my family, are the people you want to surround yourself with, because they bring life to yours. With these friends, there is never a dull moment, a word left unsaid, a laugh left unheard. I love to be surrounded by joy, and I would like to think that was the best unplanned part of 2013.

Everyone else will cover the accomplishments and blunders made in the rest of the world, but only I can think of my own.

I am sure I had far more many blunders than I am willing to admit, but also, I am not sure I could even remember a handful of them. I don’t like to dwell in mistakes, but I do like to focus on fixing them. I guess that’s why we make New Year’s resolutions, in the hopes that we can improve our lives, progress forward, towards whatever that may be. So instead of focusing on the specifics, because I am sure there would be plenty, I am going to focus on the general mistakes.

I didn’t call home enough, that’s for sure. I did in the spring, quite a lot, until the fall. My heavy work load became so much to handle, it was hard to call my family as often as I would like. But I could have made time, I could and should have. So next year, I’ll call more. I’ll video chat more often. Because life is easier with the ones you love.

I also didn’t exercise enough. Not so much for my image, but for my health. It wouldn’t hurt to jog a mile every once in a while. Or to head to yoga with my roommates when they go. So in the next year, and beyond, I’ll go for a jog or walk down the block for an hour of yoga, when I know my body could use it. I would sleep more soundly and relax a bit more. I am not on some mission to run a marathon, or complete a triathlon, but I would like to feel ache in my muscles after exerting myself in a way that isn’t just mental. So here’s to exercising when I want to.

Other than that, I think I did alright in 2013. I ate phenomenal food, saw some of the best nooks and crannies of New York, watched innovative movies, talked and laughed with the best friends I could ever ask to have in my life. In the next year, I hope to laugh just as hard and smile even more.


One response to “This Year and The Next

  1. Oh Claire, how special you are to be able to express yourself with so much insight. Happy New Year, Grandma Joyce


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