I have settled into you
your dips and your curves
You have settled into me
my dips and my curves
You hang in that spot
that spot behind my ear
that space between my toes
the curve in my shoulder
I just cannot reach
with a bar of soap
You are all over my car
my shower
my towels
But I don’t want you to leave
I like finding you
in all of those cracks and corners
You’re a reminder of those
sunny hours I spent burning
on the beach, as the salt
dug its way into my pores
and you stuck yourself
in all of those hidden places
You covered me
And I loved every grain of you



One response to “Sand

  1. Just lovely. Really, a very gentle and kind way to view sand. Every grain

    All my love,

    Julie Straeten Bradshaw-Draper


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