Resolution and Result 3: Well Wishes

I have been doing this resolution all week, but didn’t have the chance to post this in the hectic week of finals and travelling home. So I’ll be doing a combo here. What I planned to do, and how I did, in the same post. I know, it sounds a little crazy, but this is what the holidays have driven me to do. So let’s talk about the words so commonly heard this time of year, “Happy Holidays.”

I know it’s common enough practice to say these words, but to actually mean them? And to mean those words, and then direct them towards random strangers? That’s my resolution. To say “Happy Holidays” to as many people as possible, and actually mean those words. It’s simple enough of a phrase, but much more impacting to impart those words on a random person. That random person could be having a blissful day or the worst of the year, but sending well wishes their way just adds a little something, a little honest humanity to life. Now, I promise to not say it unless I mean it. But saying those words becomes this exponentially growing virus, that cannot be tamed or controlled. The impulse to say it more often runs away from you. This little bubble of euphoria grows out of those words, and spreads inside of you, in fact, it even spreads to the next person.

This small act, that takes less than five seconds, brings this unquantifiable amount of joy. Well, maybe it can be quantified but I don’t want to quantify it. I like the idea of this joy expanding continually, in and of itself. And the one way I know to start that is with this, saying “Happy Holidays,” and meaning it. To actually have the desire to want to see a complete stranger have a happy end to their year, for them to spend this wintery season among the people the love, costs nothing of yourself.

So I wish you the happiest of holidays, and an even better new year.



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