Resolution 2 Result

Okay, so I should have posted this a few days ago, but passing my finals seemed more important than sleeping, and then finals took precedent over everything else. But I would like to account for what happened with my resolution to take more strolls, to walk more.

There were pros and cons to doing this when I did. Pro, I got to walk in the snow and take a breather in prepping for finals. Con, when it dropped to 5 degrees below freezing, I didn’t want to take extra time being outside for my face to numb, especially on the days where not a snowflake fell from the sky. Pro, in my post-final euphoria, I felt lighter for hours long after I had finished walking. Pro, there was nothing more stunning than letting snowflakes catch in my hair. Pro, breathing felt easier when I walked slower. Pro, NYC seemed a little lovelier as I took the time to notice. It’s easy to forget how wonderful people can be if you don’t take the time to acknowledge that kindhearted quality in people.


I was able to see Washington Square Park in all of its snowy bliss. I was able to walk by the Holiday Market in Union Square and just smell all of the wonderful foods being sold. By walking, I was able to enjoy New York City in all of its accelerated wonder, by being able to slow the rhythm down.

Breathing. I have forgotten to do that while living in NYC. You would think your brain just takes care of that for you, that it would keep track of that for you. It needs the oxygen, and then would put breathing high on the list of priorities. But it doesn’t. Sure, the barely-there breaths are more than regular. I am talking about those deep breaths, where your chest expands to the point of tearing the seams on your shirt. That type of breathing makes life easier, calmer, smoother, that’s the type of breathing your brain puts on the back burner. It’s a minimal sort of high to bliss out the moment, a deep breath.

New York, life even, can suck the breath out of you, that deep breath. The busiest parts of life can deprive you of that oh-so-necessary drug. Walking gave me the opportunity to take back that breath. I swear, it’s better than caffeine. So I’ll try to continue this resolution. But not a “power walk,” or a “quick walk,” the type of walk with no time or space limit. I guess you could call it wandering. A conscious sort of wandering. I highly recommend the addictive gateway drug, walking, and it will lead you to breathing, and that’s perfectly okay. Warning, there is no remedy for this addiction. Except to administer more of both drugs.


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