Think Adventurously

I promised myself that I would experience this mutant city a bit more, and understand I say mutant as a way of describing this city I very much love. But it is a mutant. A blending together of so many cultures and ideas and ways of living that it’s a new being all on its own. But, in promising to experience more of New York, I told myself I would eat at a new restaurant every week. I realized I should share my findings, so that people visiting the city, or people living here, can go on a culinary adventure, of sorts.

I’ll start with one place, and work my way back over the past few… wanderings, albeit intentional ones, in the next few posts. Again, I am trying to do this on a weekly basis. Let’s see how it goes.

Culinary Adventure 1: Think Coffee
248 Mercer Street, Between 4th St and 3rd St

Okay, I know Think Coffee is a regular pitstop for many New Yorkers, but for those visiting, I recommend it as an alternative to Starbucks. There’s a comfy, creative, well-worn ambiance to the location on Mercer Street.

But coffee is only an adventure if you don’t drink coffee or if you’re branching out of you’re regular cup of joe order. So branch out; I have tried a few of the teas and find them comforting if not reliable. And coffee can be hard to mess up, but they do it well. The hot chocolates are a little slice of heaven on a chilly day, but whatever your preference, it’s all delicious.

Again, the adventure hasn’t happened yet. That’s in the food. I personally have fallen in love with the tomato, blue cheese quiche. I would provide you a picture of its excellence, but I already ate it, which is always a good sign. It was every bit delightful I had hoped it would be, and recommend it completely. Unless you are lactose intolerant, then a slice of cheese is a horrible idea. But for the cheese lovers out there, this is a must.

The drinks are craft fully made and the food warms the soul. So stop by Think Coffee for a little slice of cheesy goodness, or a cup of more than just joe.



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