It’s A Party, So Break Open The Champagne

So this is what fifty feels like. I somehow thought it would feel a bit more grand. But I guess that’s what 500 is for. Don’t you worry, though, I am still breaking out the champagne and fireworks. And you better be wearing your finest tux because this is a momentous occasion. I can practically smell the filets sizzling on the grill.

I realize it’s only fifty. But hey, it’s fifty! What’s life without celebrating the little things? In fact, a few weeks ago, I had forgotten to do that. I had been so excited with the idea of having hundreds of people reading my thoughts, that I forgot that even one person reading what I had to say was previous enough. I told my younger brother about this thing I was doing, trying to express myself in the form of a blog, and he thought it was awesome, that having twenty followers practically made me famous. And it does kind of, because fame is fleeting, but the famous he was talking about seemed different, in the sense that he implied I was doing something grand, especially through the form of the Internet. Because we’ve turned this piece of cyberspace into this eternal shrine for thoughts. And by creating this blog, I had personally put my mark on the wall, in a way that was more significant than posting a selfie on Facebook, or at least more dignified. Just these fifty pieces of my mind are something to be eternally proud of, in a way I couldn’t be proud of a selfie that just exemplified the momentary irrationality of my youth.

I’ll be just as proud, if not more so, of my next fifty. I think I would at least be more committed. With every poem, every little section of my self I mold for a life on the Internet, I become more committed to continuing this blog, to posting more regularly. I wouldn’t say it’s an addiction, but that I can’t leave it. I can’t leave them, my thoughts, all alone to fend for themselves. The more I write, the more I feel compelled to specify some idea I explicated before. Or, at least, to twist it into something new.

I do wonder if the next fifty will pass as quickly as the first fifty have. I don’t even remember time passing between my 18th and my 46th post, it just seemed to creep up on me suddenly. Perhaps that will happen with the next chunk of posts, that I am enjoying them so much I forget how many I have, until wham, I have 100 posts.

I searched for words of wisdom with the ever dashingly brilliant Hugh Laurie. His entrance into the world of twitter has kept me regular checking my twitter feed, which I rarely did before. His tweets are like a morsel of chocolate for a castaway, stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. They’re nothing short of divine. As such, couldn’t help but remember him celebrating his 500th tweet. Here is how the progression occurred.


And in those three tweets, he gave me the best, most bittersweet advice. The advice being to celebrate the little accomplishments, because those minimal accomplishments are actually huge. And to do so in a style worthy of the praise you think they deserve. But also, don’t party too hard, because you still have miles to go. So in that celebratory fashion, I am going to have a wonderful afternoon, enjoying the holiday season with the friends I have come to call family (they call me mom, but that’s a story for another time). And in that reflective manner, I plan to forge on ahead towards my next fifty, in the hopes it’s filled with even more sublimity than last.


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