Resolution 2: Strolling

Well, I am not sure where to start with this one. I have about five ideas, but am not sure which one to tackle. This upcoming week is going to be filled with a lot to do, seeing as how next week I take finals. So, why don’t I do something to make these next few weeks easier on my state of mind, instead of harder?

I resolve to take more walks. This is not in an effort for my physical health, although that would be an added benefit. My resolution to walk more this week is to keep myself sane. Walking is largely therapeutic, especially in a city that never seems to calm down. So when I do not have any where pressing to be this week, but I am walking home, I will walk out of the way, take unnecessary detours, and not think of whatever pressures are weighing on my mind. I’ll walk slow, turn it into sort of a stroll. I always feel a stretch calmer when I walk.

So, we’ll see how this goes, because New York City isn’t supposed to have the best weather this week, depending on how you view it. The snow will be beautiful though, and added benefit of beginning this resolution now. But I think I will take daily notes for this resolution, to more actively keep track of my progress this time.

Well, goodbye, bus that I take to and from class. I’m hitting the streets this week.


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