Resolution 1 Result

A week has passed, and I would like to think I made it through. Well, at least in regards to my resolution to eat not to excess. The task was easy enough to accomplish, wish I guess helps as it was my first. With this success comes the idea that I could do it again. But why don’t I address this first resolution in bits?

Each day was easy enough, but I almost caved on Tuesday when I made a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese for dinner. To eat the entire bowl, and quickly, had been too great a temptation, that I quite literally had to pause for a minute in restraint. Hunger nearly drove me to break resolution, but my resolve hardened after a moments pause, and I slowly ate the bowl, to feel satisfied with the meal, and not become sick for eating too quickly.

A contentment has settled in my stomach, with this resolution. My original aim was to eat slowly, for my health, to not over eat. But something wonderful has come along the way, a deeper enjoyment of food. I do not pretend to mistake college dinning halls for five star restaurants, but they aren’t hole-in-the-walls either, and in eating food slowly, I have had the chance to really taste the food. And it’s really good. To be able to enjoy food, I mean really sit and slide into the sublimity of the taste of food, could only be described as wonderfully satisfying.

So, I think I will be able to add this–eating food not to excess–as a habit of mine, because if I can do it for a week, why not permanently? Especially when gives me the dual benefit of being a healthier habit and a self-satisfying one.


This is a response to the original post, with the link just below.

Resolution 1: Food Excess


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