Resolution 1: Food Excess

The basket full of fries doesn't have to be an entire basket, does it?

The basket full of fries doesn’t have to be an entire basket, does it?

I was thinking of things I would like to accomplish. Small things. Efforts just for me that I could do so very easily, but always say to myself I could do it later. At some unnamed date I would begin one task or another. And I decided that saving these tasks for a random date, was not working, for the sole reason that I am a procrastinator. So I can’t leave resolutions to be made on New Year’s Eve. So why not create them on Sundays, and begin them on Mondays. It’s not like Mondays could get any worse. So here is my first resolution, to begin on Monday, December 2nd, I resolve to not eat in excess.

I am not denying myself food, because that just would not go over well, but promising to eat only as much as my stomach allows, and not as much as my eyes want. If I am not hungry, I don’t eat. If I am hungry, I eat. To pace myself in eating so that I recognize when I am full, seems like a reasonable request. I’ll make a conscious effort to not eat in excess this week, and at the end of the week, if I find that I am successful, I will consider it a habit and no longer a resolution, or constraint. In other words, I am taking this venture as a way of looking at life differently, and using the mode of resolutions to this advantage, to change the parts of myself, the infinitesimal moments where I am not completely content, into something a little bit more comfortable. For example, with this eating in excess resolution, I feel gross after eating too much food, plain and simple. There is a distinct difference between being full and being stuffed. The first is comfortable and necessary, the later is sickening. The point of becoming so full that the food no longer tastes good and is closer to nauseating.

Okay, I am blowing this out of proportion a bit, but just to prove the point to myself, that I know, my body knows, how much food to eat, and as such, I should listen  to my body. In a world where portion sizes are larger than life, does not mean that I have to meet that standard. So this week, I resolve to eat until my body has had its full, and not beyond that.


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