A Taste of Home


I fell in love with you
Well, of course, I would
You’re a natural

I was offered you
By someone much wiser
By someone I admired
I thought you couldn’t be
All that bad if they recommended you.

Let’s be frank
Your appearance isn’t appealing
Your texture inside and out isn’t usual
But your taste is somehow familiar
Your essence is coming home.

You carry me home
Back to the Pacific
With you in my mouth
Your salt on my tongue
I feel the sand of Redondo
Between my toes
Warming the sole
Of my foot
As the other steps into that salt water
Letting the chill climb up my spine
And settle comfortably in my stomach
As both feet leave unstable sand
And my hands part the waves
Sliding into the ocean
Before the rest of me.

As I come up for air
I remember where I am
My eyes drift open
And I return to the empty restaurant
Holding your empty shell
In my hand.

With one taste
I was hooked
Trapped so certainly
By you,
My Oyster.


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