The Purpose of this Blog

September 23, 2013

This is where I find out who I am, and you can help me do that. Or you can watch, either way  this blog serves the purpose of defining who I am. Claire Straeten Draper. A girl who has seen a lot, but not enough. Who is just old enough to be jaded, and just young enough to be naive. And yet, none of this defines me, sums me up in just one go. Rather, these are all just descriptions that make up part of the whole. And the whole is changing. My whole is changing, and may never stop. So let this be an account of that change, in myself, and all that I see–and don’t see–before me.

December 13, 2013
That date alone should be a bad omen, but it’s not. I am looking back on this definition of this blog’s purpose, and mine, and realized it’s mutated a bit. This collection of writings has made me more introspective, which is helpful in that I find my self conscious of word phrasing, of intending what I say to be more accurate to my original intent. Although, the main intent of the blog is still the same, a consideration of me. I have been informed of how pretentious that sounds, but she’s right it does sound pretentious to ask other people to consider me, to consider my thoughts and ideas, as if they were important. She’s right, but only half way. I do want input from the outside world about my thoughts and ideas. I do think my thoughts and ideas are important, and that could surely be seen as pretentious. But I would like to think being pretentious allows for a certain confidence in words, and a close-minded-ness in being willing to change those ideas. But MeFYC’s purpose is to change ideas, especially mine, the intention is to initiate dialogue, especially an internal one.

Now, having confidence in one’s thoughts, one’s ideas, is not only acceptable but admirable; and yet, when that pride clouds imperfection is when sharing thoughts becomes problematic. I don’t pretend to believe I am perfect, or even that perfection exists. However, I do think that introspection, whether it be on the Internet or in a journal, is wholly necessary for any sort of progression in life. So, let me reassert that MeFYC serves the purpose of accounting my experiences, in order that I can live life with an understanding of how to live as completely as possible.


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