I am not ready.
You brush against my cheeks
Grip my fingers
And I’m not ready.

You blow on my ears
You slip up my skirt.
Though I have tights on, so
Today maybe I’m ready.

I’ve started wearing gloves
So you can’t chill my hands.
I’ve started wearing hats
So you can’t freeze my ears.

Now I don’t shave my legs
Now I keep all bundled.
But don’t think me a prude
Cause I won’t let you touch my skin.

Rather I let Warmth touch me
Caress me all over.
Inside, I am loved
And shed those dreadful layers.
Nipping is too gentle a word
Outside you bite and sting.

Don’t fret Chill.
I’ll want your caresses soon.
The Heat will come to burn and boil
And I’ll need you
Blowing against my forehead
Kissing my neck
Drifting your hands up and down my sides.

You will keep the Heat at bay
In a few months to come.
But for now, I will avoid your touch
And beg for his.

You are both too extreme
To live with one of you
On a long-term basis.
So for now,
Let me drift between your touches
Knowing that I’ll come back to you soon.


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