About Me

Before I get on with the more detailed details, you can contact me at claire.mefyc@gmail.com if you ever have questions, comments, suggestions, topics for a post, etc. Or any of my other social media sources: Twitter (@draper_claire), Tumblr, Instagram (@draper_claire) and any others out there.


Well, where to start? How do you define yourself in a blurb that provides context, but also none. I am human, seems like a reasonable jumping off point. But then everything else is subject to change.

My name: Claire Straeten Draper, and it’s a family name. Well, obviously Draper would be, but Claire Straeten is as well. My maternal grandfather’s mother’s name was Claire Straeten. My mom and I share the middle name Straeten, and, I confess, as a kid it took me years to learn the spelling, but knowing that it’s the French spelling of the English Straton helps. Or at least that’s what my mother said, not to say she isn’t right, as she usually is, but if I am faulted for misinformation, I don’t quite give a damn, because it’s plausible to me. I digress, the Claire part is simple enough. It was my great-grandmother’s first name, and I am told she was wonderful. I am honored to be named after her and hope I carry her name with the worth it deserves.

My age: I was born in 1994, but it feels as though my soul is the combination of someone who has lived a thousand lives, but also craves the innocence that accompanies youth. So I am a wise teenager who loves to partake in childish activities that make me feel less committed to time.

My location: I have lived a large part of my life on the coasts of Southern California, but also detoured to New Mexico in my youth. But then, I find myself experiencing college in all the wonders of New England’s chilled winters, courtesy of New York City. I can say with a level of certainty that my past doesn’t necessarily define me, but it’s absolutely helped to inform me and my decisions, my likes and dislikes, etc.

I am not quite sure how else to define myself. So if anyone has questions or curiosities, just leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I’ll update this page with more specifics about how I see myself.


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