House Rules

No disrespect ever. This creation is for contemplation, a free place to ask the questions no one asks, to provide perspective and insight. We, you and me, will have the opportunity to explore topics; I can provide my opinion and you can share your with me, if you would like. Nonetheless, I intend to share my opinion with you, using all of the information I have at my disposal, in order to give you my consideration of whatever topic is on the table. However, my first and most important rule is no disrespect to anyone or any topic we might discuss. Granted, I will get carried away, and will down right make assertions that I will not change. I might disrespect someone, and not realize it. So in my effort to monitor the comments, monitor my words as well. Please call me out if I write something that is disrespectful. At the end of the day, this is the internet, but we are all people behind it, and need to remember that.

I must confess that I most likely will create more guidelines, as it’s in my nature to start thinking of something and never stop. But, for now, this is the only guiding point I ask us to bear: to be respectful as we keep open minds.


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