This is a personal disclaimer of my own posts. All of them.

If I write something, I mean every word, until the moment I say otherwise. I am claiming these words, these posts as mine, and if they are not, I will be sure to tell you. My aim is to share what I find interesting, and receive feedback so I can better make life decisions, or everyday decisions, which are often one in the same. And as I will be sharing my opinion a large chunk of the time, I will be sure to address whether or not the opinion is, in fact, not of my invention or inclination. But until further notice, my belief is in the words that I write and share on this blog. Word for word.

However, if it is here, on this blog, that is my current standing, opinion, belief, inclination, (take your pick), on the subject of discussion. And yet, if you believe that I am making my decision with too little information, or without looking at all aspects, that I have not considered all factors–please step up to the keyboard and let me know in posting a comment, sending an e-mail, or even picking up a pen and writing me a letter. I only ask that you don’t tell me I am wrong, and leave it at that–for that response to my posts gives me nothing to contemplate.

Instead, I ask you to tell me what other aspect I am overlooking in my judgement. At the end of the day, this is as much for your consideration as it is for mine. And neither of us can make a conscious and informed decision without having all of the facets of the problem. So if you disagree, I would love to hear it, and what I would love to hear most is why you disagree. I love the why because I am otherwise incapable of fully stating my opinion.

Thank you.


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