Missing More

I can cope without you
I have done it before
But you make it all
So please
Come back to me.
I know you can’t.
Someone else has you now
Having ripped you from my side
And I knew it too
The moment you were gone
That I hadn’t been just absentminded
Leaving you in Argo Tea
Or my American Literature Lecture.
Someone took you
Probably unknowing of what you held:
Memories of day drinking
Dates and reminders to come
Things I had already done
The interactions I still cherish
The people whose numbers I should know
The e-mails I received all too long before.
They served a connection
Not just yours and mine
But a connection to everyone else
Hanging along the grape vine.
Though you could be replaced
Know I miss your case
The feel of you in my hands,
That I searched for you everywhere
And landed in despair
For hours, no, days,
After you had gone
And your chime had long been sung.


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