Coffin Nail

smoker in the rain
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Coffin Nail

We inhale little pockets of toxins
and mock them
who cover their mouths and nose
absorbing Our blows
to their lungs
to their heart
to their body

We carry little knives
poking at their bodies
but We laugh as We give
them little cuts
hardly noticeable
not even a scratch

but We all do it
All of Us
slice a bit of them
so the end result is


We even have this insatiable tic
to feed random people tablets of Arsenic
We know it will kill them
of that there is no doubt

but We enjoy it
the arsenic
We even eat it ourselves
every single day
multiple times a day
letting out bodies decay

Ammonia is an old time favorite
We let it soak their clothes
their mouths
their nose
it is a cleaner, right?

Formaldehyde is still the best
pouring it into their chests
Our own included
but it’s an embalming fluid
so We are just helping

preserve everyone’s bodies

And yet, these are just the classics
Our personal preferences
but you can’t avoid Us
and Our oh so lovely


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