Not Your Fault or Mine

Not Your Fault or Mine

The car twists
And turns,
Nearly running red lights.
Hoping the cool whoosh of air
Will soothe the raw skin
I blow and blow
But You still cry

Is this helping?

You say Don’t Stop
But is it really helping
Relieve Your burns

Your skin glares back at me
Blistering with anger.
The blood vessels throb
Not bleeding
But oozing a protective
Watery puss.

Just the top layer
Of skin is seared
Off. The pan-hot bacon grease
Singed through your freckles
And yet, the muscle
Stays hidden underneath the
Bubbling burn
Not that you can see
Your spine
But I can
Only hold your hand
And keep blowing.

Being in the hospital
Has no significance, it’s all a blur
Except they take
Too much time
To get to You.

People say they are sorry
But I am sorry
That I could not take the sting away
But once they cover the rawness of
Your back
We drive home
Slower than before.

At home
At the end of Today
I find You
Eating ice cream, watching Looney Tunes,
As the Pain
Medication takes over.
You laugh at Bugs Bunny.

Eh, what’s up, Doc?


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