Beginning? Perhaps.


Is this the beginning? I would like to think not. I mean, I have three–nearly four–journals of my personal writings to show that I have left part of my self to remain in this world, beyond my life, if even only on paper. And yet, I would like to think that a part of me is imprinted elsewhere, that something I have done, up until now, September 23, 2013, 8:56 pm, has mattered, and doesn’t remain only on pieces of paper, bound by iffy bindings. And those three volumes record bits and pieces of my life, my thoughts, and ideas. Dreams and writings. But now, I would like to leave that somewhere else, in the best somewhere else of my generation. The internet. For now, this will be a storage space for my opinions and questions, dreams and ideas, because my brain has run out of storage space. Until next time. C


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